Half of People Are Reluctant To Grill, But Would Rather Go With Ready-Made Meals

Barbecue is the best!

Six in 10 millennials have pretended not to know how to cook to avoid having to help.


Overall, more than half of respondents said they are often reluctant to grill. Most find ready-made meal kits to be more convenient, or simply think others are better at grilling.


While the majority of millennials prefer simple meal kits to traditional grilling, most Gen Zers are reluctant to grill because they think others are better at it than them.


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Fifty-three percent of millennials said they’ve grilled their breakfast, compared to only 24% of boomers. Results also revealed the generations can sometimes differ when it comes to their sauce preferences.


Gen Zers were found to like hot and spicy sauce flavours on grilled foods the most, with baby boomers least likely to favour this flavour.


Overall, though, more than three-fourths of all respondents enjoy their foods dipped, drizzled or smothered in sauce.



Burgers – 45%
Chicken – 43%
Hot dogs – 43%
Steak – 40%
Ribs – 32%
Fish – 29%
Veggies – 28%
Shellfish – 24%
Fruit – 24%
Meat substitutes (e.g. tofu, tempeh, etc.) – 22%