Red Lobster CEO Says Plant-Based Seafood Is Gross!

There will be no kelp-cake on the Red Lobster menu in the near future!

When asked about plant-based options for their menu, the CEO of Red Lobster says- no way.  Adding, “its terrible” “We won’t be introducing it” says Kim Lopdrup.

The CEO says; 

At Red Lobster, we have a large variety of healthy, high-quality seafood options that taste good and are good for you, especially our Today’s Catch options and our new Power Bowls.

A spokesperson for Red Lobster also cited a study from Harvard suggesting that the health benefits of fish “outweigh” the risk of possibly ingesting any mercury or carcinogens.

Vegan Seafood options:

Fishless Filets
Crabless Cakes
Plant-based Shrimp
Plant-based Cavi-Art

Fishless Tuna