Reporter Calls Shania Twain A Tramp

Reports feels the backlash

Argo’s may have won the Grey Cup on Sunday, but Shania Twain won the night with an upbeat, “I’m totally Back” performance. She was decked out in a sparkly red bodysuit with a matching red fur jacket, boots and gloves with big- “I’m here for a good time” hair…. Shania performed her new track ‘Life’s about to get good” and two beloved classics. Everyone seemed to enjoy the performance, everyone except a reporter from the Montreal Gazette, Herb Zurkowsky. While people were taking to social media to say how great Shania looked, Herb was calling her a “Tramp.”


Thousands came to the defence of Shania- expressing their outrage for the reporter so much, in fact, The Gazette reporter apologized, and has removed the post and is still trying to save face….