Research Lets Us Know Which Tradespeople Fart The Most In Their Work Vehicles!

Mind Blowing!

We’ve all done it, your driving along alone in your vehicle perhaps jamming out to your favourite tune-and you let out your own tune!

There was research done on people who drive a lot for work- and which trades are more likely to hotbox their vehicles!  The researchers wanted to know which tradespeople are the most prolific farters?

The study, in case you were wondering was commissioned by vehicle specialists Vanarama…

The study found that 75% of tradespeople admit to breaking wind up to 20 times a day in their vans… More shockingly- the majority of people say that they will even ease one out if there is someone else in the van…

It appears that people are proud of their fragrance- however; nearly half of those surveyed said they often complain about how bad their vans smell!

Lets do some math now!

Over half (52%) of tradespeople drive their vans five times a week, with an ‘average’ tradesman farting about 20 times a day that adds up to 100 farts per week and 5,200 farts a year in their van.

Wondering which trades are the worst for this?  Builder’s  are on top, followed by electricians in the number 2 spot and painters in third place… (Because its a competition)  Plumbers & Carpenters get an honourable mention also!

And I bet you’re thinking- why, oh why is this a thing.  Because Vanarama wants to encourage people to buy new work vans instead of purchasing old used and stinky ones!