Rihanna’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Leads to ‘Pregnant Workout’ Search Spike

She makes Pregnany look easy!

Pregnant women are willing and wanting to work work work work work, after watching Rihanna’s halftime show at the 2023 Super Bowl on Sunday!

Searches for “pregnant workouts” spiked after the pop star’s performance, in which she revealed her baby bump and sent social media into a meltdown.

New data shows Google searches for a good pregnancy sweat session increased by 285%, according to fitness website Total Shape. Queries for “abdominal exercise” also rose by 177% and “pregnant gym” skyrocketed by 300%.

WARNING: Exercise is healthy and safe when pregnant — but only if done correctly.

It can help to reduce backaches and swelling, boost your energy levels and prevent excessive weight gain as your body changes to accommodate your little one, according to fitness experts.

If you don’t regularly exercise, don’t just jump in if you are expecting.

Workouts don’t have to be intense or demanding to be beneficial. Some of the best activities for expectant mothers include swimming, as the waterworks to support your weight, and long walks.”

Health experts also suggest warming up before workouts and cooling down afterward and keeping hydrated, all good practices for anyone whether pregnant or not.

Avoid any activities that have a risk of falling, such as gymnastics and cycling