Ring the Bell – Mike Tyson is Returning to the Boxing Ring

Vs. Roy Jones Jr. on Sept 12th

He was the most feared boxer to ever step through the ropes and for the first time since 2005, Mike Tyson will be back in the ring.

It was just last year when Tyson joked, “I’m not getting back in the ring but I could.”

I know what you’re thinking, Mike Tyson is 54 years-old and his last match 15 years-ago was ugly. Real ugly.

However, he’s squaring off this time not as a professional and against an opponent, Roy Jones Jr. who’s also very well known in the fight world and is a very comparable age at 51.

Eight rounds in the ring would make anybody tired, but Tyson has been training for some time now and he shared this teaser with us back on May 1st.

It is scheduled to be an eight-round exhibition match set for Sept. 12 at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, Calif.