Ryan Reynolds Drops Deadpool Trailer During Super Bowl!

“I smell what you’re stepping in, sensei"

Fans already have a pretty good idea the fun that will be had during Deadpool 3, which will see Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool joined by Hugh Jackman, back as Wolverine after last appearing as the razor-clawed hero in 2017’s acclaimed “Logan.” But until last night, little had been seen.  

In this first-look trailer, released online following the Super Bowl spot, Deadpool finds himself joined by “Succession” star Matthew Macfadyen, playing an agent from the Time Variance Authority named Paradox, according to the trailer’s official captions. “This is your chance to be a hero among heroes,” he tells Deadpool.

In a self-aware nod, Deadpool sums it up cheekily, “I smell what you’re stepping in, sensei. Your little cinematic universe is about to change forever.” Indeed, it will.

Reynold appeared as Deadpool, the “merc with the mouth” Marvel comic book mutant, in 2016’s “Deadpool,” followed by the first sequel two years later.

After those two beloved entries, this threequel film, due out in late July, has a lot riding on it.  

The cast for the new movie, which wrapped production last month, will include many much-loved franchise regulars – including Karan Soni, Leslie Uggams and Morena Baccarin.


The superstar singer is a noted longtime friend of Reynolds and his wife Blake Lively, and has been seen alongside them both while attending boyfriend Travis Kelce’s football games this season while his team the Kansas City Chiefs were making their way to Sunday’s big game. What’s more, however, is that Swift has also been seen with Jackman as well as “Deadpool and Wolverine” director Shawn Levy, which has caused many to speculate that Swift will also feature in a cameo in the movie.

Needless to say, only time will tell as to who else ends up in the movie, but one thing’s for sure – Deadpool will have a snarky and likely inappropriate thing to say about it. “Deadpool & Wolverine” is in theaters on July 26.