Ryan Reynolds Is Bringing Back ALF!


Ryan Reynolds is bringing back “Alf” in a series of shorts promoting brands like Mint Mobile and Ring. They’ll air Saturday, alongside episodes of the original series, on his Maximum Effort Channel on Fubo.

Everyone’s favourite centuries-old, wisecracking alien life form is coming back thanks to our Canadian treasure, Ryan Reynolds.

The reprise, through a partnership between Reynolds, ALF creator Paul Fusco, and the recently rebranded Shout! Studios, will not consist of full-length episodes. Instead, the channel will air old ALF episodes alongside ALF-centric shorts highlighting brands like Mint Mobile and Hims.

The well-coiffed puppet, performed by Fusco, starred on ALF from 1986 to 1990. The hit sitcom centred around a family that takes in the alien (and hides him from nosy neighbours and government agencies) after he crash-lands in their garage.

Just like many of us, Ryan loved watching ALF growing up!

The oddball NBC sitcom will return on Reynolds’ Maximum Effort Channel on Saturday, July 29.