Ryan Reynolds Is Getting A Street Named After Him

Ryan Reynolds Way has a nice ring to it!

The potential new named street is located in the east end of the city!  



Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa, said on Twitter: “It’s clear that Ottawa has a special place in Ryan’s heart – and in his honour, I’ll be bringing forward a motion later today to have a street named after him. Ryan Reynolds Way will be located in a new subdivision in the east end. Look forward to seeing it open soon!”

Ryan responded to the news by calling it an “incredible honour” and joked that in return he would rename one of his children Ottawa.



In a tweet, he said: “This is an incredible honour and a deal is a deal, Mr. Mayor… I’ve changed my daughter’s name to Ottawa.”


Ryan and his wife Blake Lively have made several donations to causes across Canada including the Ottawa Foodbank.



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Ryan also helped out Ottawa Public Health to encourage people to wear a mask and get vaccinated against COVID-19 in a string of posts on their Twitter profile which went viral…