Ryan Reynolds Undergoes A “Life Saving” Colonoscopy -And Filmed It!

Colon Cancer is preventable!

To de-stigmatize the uncomfortable procedure, Ryan Reynolds broadcast his colon results.

Reynolds teamed up with a colon cancer awareness organization, to encourage people — especially men — to get the procedure when the time comes.

In a YouTube video uploaded to Reynold’s page Tuesday, the two explained they wanted to prove how the “simple step” can “save lives.”

“I would never normally have any medical procedure put on camera and then shared,” Reynolds said.

“But it’s not every day that you can raise awareness about something that will most definitely save lives. That’s enough motivation for me to let you in on a camera being shoved up my ass.”

During the procedure, Reynolds found out that he found an “extremely subtle polyp” on the right side of his colon, which was promptly removed.

“Colon cancer is preventable,” a message read across a black screen at the end of the video. “If you’re 45 years or older, ask your doctor about getting a colonoscopy.