‘Scream’ Does Bloody Well During Opening Weekend

And it’s no thanks to Ontario!

The much anticipated 5th movie in the horror franchise dominated the box office earning an impressive $30.6 million.



The New “Scream” Film Is Less Of A Scream according to critics, the 5th movie is stuck in the past…But that didn’t stop fans from seeing it! But is that such a bad thing for those who grew up in that past? 



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A columnist for the New York Times describes the movie as a movie ‘set in the modern-day, it’s a cinematic time machine to 2000. The whole time you feel like you’re surrounded by Beanie Babies while gorging on Pizza Bagels and listening to the Backstreet Boys.’



According to those who saw it already, it’s fun to see Neve Campell, Cox and Arquette but if you’re looking for scary, this ain’t it.



Scream 5 was released in theatres on Friday!