Secret Santa Is Giving People Anxiety!

Do you do the Secret Santa in your office? 

For the most part, there is a price cap on this holiday tradition, usually between $5 and $20 however that doesn’t stop people from getting anxiety over the hole process.

According to a psychology lecturer at the University of Salford, Dr. Ashley Weinberg says,  the anxiety is so bad that more than a third believe present-giving in the workplace – including for birthdays – should be scrapped altogether.

To be fair, most offices allow people to decide if they want to participate.  Even if the option is there, some people feel pressure to be a part of this present practise! 

One in four workers aged between 23 and 38 said they felt angry as a result of being asked to contribute because their financial situation was not being considered.

There is also the pressure of social media, and those who are always feeling judged.