Signs The Passion Has Gone Out Of Your Relationship!

Do you feel more like roommates rather than soulmates?

Here are signs that the passion is gone!


You Rarely Fight!
You still irritate each other but you’re no longer invested enough to get mad with your partner.


Sleeping separately
It started as a necessity (maybe due to kids, snoring, illness, working shifts) but now he’s turning the spare room into a man cave.  If you just get better sleep in separate beds, this habit might be healthy for your relationship. A 2010 study found that a good night’s sleep made couples happier with each other the next day.  But if you’re doing it to steer clear of each other, it’s a bad sign.


You Hardly Have Sex
According to YouGov figures, the average UK couple aged 40 or above has sex once a week. (Younger couples average twice a week.)  If you’ve fallen below that average, you’re entering roommate territory.


You Eat Separately
Research carried out in 2019 found that the happiest couples did share mealtimes. . .  but so did the unhappiest.  The couples who avoided eating together were those in the middle of the scale, who were “moderately unhappy”.  So if you avoid your partner at breakfast and dinner, it could be a sign you’re just grinding along.


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Neither one of you ever gets jealous
At the root of jealousy is the fear of losing someone. Therefore, a total lack of jealousy could show that you don’t care whether your partner stays or goes.


No longer bothering with your appearance
This doesn’t just signal you’ve stopped wanting to impress each other. For women, in particular, dressing down can show that you’re feeling down.


Not Going To Bed At The Same Time
If your husband stays up later than you, there is the science that says he can’t help it. Men get a mini testosterone boost late at night that often drives them to watch TV or play video games till the early hours. But if you both go out of your way never to hit the hay together – or you retreat into different rooms every evening – you’re deliberately creating space.


You Go To The Bathroom With The Door Open
. . . And you burp or fart in front of each other. You’ve let go – in every sense of the word.