Sleeping Or Shagging? What Would You Rather?

Condom sales are falling off… Its the phoner syndrome

Listen: Dale & Charlie’s solution to getting people busy!

There was a DART poll done simply asking people to agree or disagree with the following statement.

“I prefer a good night of sleep versus a good night of sex.”

The poll found that around 70% of people agreed with the statement, meaning they would opt for sleep not sex.  Of that, 70%, 29% really agreed- 42% somewhat agreed… 

So why the nookie decline? According to psych prof  Jean Twenge “young people — i.e. Millennials — grow up later, marry later, have sex later and have fewer sexual partners than their parents did.”

Sex is slagging… A new Time Magazine article claims almost everyone (in America) is having less sex than in the past.

At this point, people are probably too busy NOT having sex to listen to the radio…

Fun fact: 20% People between 18 and 29 reported having NO sex in 2016!

People in their 60’s are having the most sheet time than another generation according to experts..

WHY the decline? 

“Everybody’s at home communing with their screens (computers, phones, televisions, etc) instead of interacting with other people.”