So Apparently We’ve Been Using the Pasta Strainer All Wrong!

I like the old way better!

There’s a pair of chefs that took to TikTok to reveal the correct way to use a strainer. 

The 8-second clip by @cookingcards on TikTok is captioned “How to use the colander the right way.”

@cookingcards How to use a colander the right way #cooking #colander #kitchentip ♬ In My Mind (feat. Crystal Waters) – Never Dull

Instead of the traditional method of throwing boiled noodles into a colander and then tossing them back into the pot, the chef recommends a better strategy to utilize the kitchen tool.

He places the colander — which is about the same size as the pan — on top of the boiled noodles like a lid and drains the water out.

Once the water is drained, he tosses the noodles around in the pot proving his hack works.