One In Four Pet Owners Have A Social Media Account For Their Fur Baby!

And those pets have more followers than humans!

Pet owners set up social media accounts for their furry friends to show them off to the world.  For most, it’s because they want to enjoy the positive reactions shared over their pets online.


Pets with social accounts have on average 925 followers, which is more than the owners usually have. However, 42 percent of adults with personal social media profiles admitted to filling their feeds with pictures of their pooches and pussycats.


The research revealed social networking isn’t the only place pet owners are showing off pictures of their cherished animals – as two in five even have more snaps of their pet than they do themselves. While many also admit to having more pet pictures on their phones than of their friends and parents.



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Nearly half of these respondents have admitted to spending more on their canines and cats than they do on some of their loved ones. Many owners will even miss their pets the most compared to their parents, kids and friends when away from home – with a third taking their pet on a weekend away.



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