Some of ‘Seinfeld’s’ Biggest Fans Weren’t Even Born When The Show First Aired

The Show 'About Nothing' is still very popular!

“Seinfeld” was part of NBC’s hit “Must See TV” lineup back in the ’90s. The series aired for nine seasons, from 1989 until 1998.



Almost 25 years after the finale of “Seinfeld,” younger generations are still popping the beloved NBC sitcom into their Netflix queues.



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The show is being streamed on the site by a big chunk of viewers who weren’t even born when the series originally aired.



According to a recent Nielsen ratings report released on Friday, 41 percent of people who watched the show in 2021 were age 34 or younger. Many of the viewers were just kids or not even born when “Seinfeld” went off the air.