‘Squid Game’ Reality Show Sees Medics Called-Netflix Denies

Perhaps they should have dressed for the weather!

A small number of contestants on the reality show “Squid Game: The Challenge” needed medical attention on Monday after a sprawling game of “Red Light Green Light” played during Britain’s ongoing cold snap proved to be a shock to the system.

Less than five contestants required attention from medics onsite. While one contestant is believed to have injured their shoulder after accidentally running into a wall, others were treated for mild ailments. Producers have vehemently denied to Variety that any contestants were stretchered off the premises.

The players were among 456 contestants taking part in “Red Light Green Light,” which is also known as “Statues” depending on where you grew up.

On Monday, which was the show’s first day of production at Bedford’s Cardington Studios, north of London, temperatures reached a low of zero degrees Celsius.

Although the game was filmed in the former airplane hangar, which is enclosed, the gigantic space was likely to be extremely chilly given the outside temperatures. While the players — many of whom aren’t used to British weather, nor the realities of TV production — are believed to have received hand warmers and thermal underwear for their day of filming, there’s no doubt the cold would have made it even more challenging.