Study Finds That Christmas Is Physically And Emotionally Exhausting For Women!

It doesn't appear that Christmas is a 50/50 season!

Women do more of the domestic duties compared to men, in fact; 60% more according to a study….So its no wonder that women tend to take on most of the physic and emotional burden of the holidays…

There was a YouGov poll from 2013, which surveyed just under 2,000 British adults and found that overwhelmingly women do the majority of the work to make Christmas happen. 

According to YouGov: ‘69% of women say they send out the Christmas cards, while only 12% of men say the same. 

Women buy 60% of the presents while men buy just 8%
Women buy the food 54% of the time compared to men at just 13%
Women cook Christmas dinner over 50% of the time compared to men at 17%…

39% of men said that they drink the most in the house on Christmas day, compared to only 14% of women, and when asked and who falls asleep first on the day itself 38% of men said they did, compared to just 13% of women.

Jobs most likely to be done by women:

Buying Christmas present for children
Buying Christmas presents for children’s friends
Buying Christmas presents for relatives
Wrapping Christmas presents
Buying Christmas cards
Writing Christmas cards Sending/delivering Christmas cards
Sending/delivering Christmas presents
Making sure the children have their school nativity costume
Picking out/buying the Christmas tree
Decorating the Christmas tree
Decorating the inside of the house
Doing the big Christmas food and drink shop
Buying the turkey
Cleaning the house to prepare for festive visitors
Making drinks and handing out nibbles to guests
Arranging family visits
Cleaning the house ahead of Christmas day
Peeling the vegetables Preparing the turkey Cooking the turkey/ vegetables
Clearing away the wrapping paper etc after presents have been opened
Tidying away all the new toys
Tidying/cleaning the house after Christmas Day


Jobs most likely to be done by men:

Decorating the outside areas of the house
Cleaning and preparing outside areas for festive visitors
Carving the turkey
Washing up after Christmas dinner
Putting the garbage outside
Getting the children’s gifts out the boxes and set up to play
Tidying the outside areas of the house after Christmas Day
Getting rid of the Christmas tree