A 9-year-Old Boy Has Had An Old Law Banning Snowball Fights -Overturned!

Our future leaders!

It’s a small town, Severance Colorado and for the past 10 years- kids or adults alike have not been able to toss a snowball at anyone!

The little boy is Dane Best, and he said that he wanted to be able to exercise his right as a child- to throw a snowball without getting in trouble!

CTV news wrote, “Dane’s mother, Brooke Best, told The Greeley Tribune her son had been talking about snowballs since he found out about a month and a half ago that it was illegal to throw them within town limits.”

Dane jumped into action and got the support of his school friends to overturn a silly by-law.  It was taken to the town council where the rule was tossed out!

Dane says the first target will be his little brother!