Sun-Maid is the maker of raisins that we love to hate…

In some ways, we’re a divided country.  But when it comes to Fruitcake, we’re not equally divided.  It’s more like we’re Sliced.  There’s a large chunk of Americans who hate fruitcake and a small sliver who like it.

Sun-Maid is making its position clear.  They just announced that they’re “breaking up” with Fruitcake.  They say they appreciate that people have used their dried fruits to make fruitcakes in the past, but they’re OVER IT.

In a statement, they say, “We’ll always be grateful for the many sweet moments and cherished memories we had together, but the time has come for us to branch out and explore new dried fruit pairings and flavour potentials.”

This is just a tongue-in-cheek marketing stunt.  (Yes, it’s silly, but marketing raisins in 2023 isn’t exactly a piece of cake, fruit, or otherwise.) 

To show they’re moving on, Sun-Maid has posted some new holiday recipes on their website, at