Sweetener In Diet Drinks Could Cause Memory Loss and Harm Brain Function!

Why is something that tastes so good, so bad for you?

So you buy a sugar-free drink to reduce your pant size, when in fact; it could be reducing your brain size!

It’s ironic since we have all been told that sugar is bad and so assume sugar-free drinks are better. Yet new research suggests that the sweetener alternatives used in these drinks are quite terrible. 

The study by scientists at the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Science, found that adolescent rats that consumed the low-calorie sweeteners saccharin, ACE-K and stevia (which are commonly found in ‘diet’ drinks) exhibited long-term impairments in memory.

Essentially, they became forgetful.  The fact this was done on rats means scientists can’t say for certain this affects humans in the same way. 

However, the study does suggest that there’s a chance drinking these diet drinks as a teenager could affect your memory in later life. 

They also found that the sweeteners slowed down the metabolism, which can also increase the risk of developing diabetes.

As if that isn’t all bad enough, the researcher also said that sweeteners are also more likely to make the taste buds less sensitive to sugar.

This could lead to people consuming more sugary drinks and foods to experience the sweet flavour.

But regular sugar is also bad and can cause memory loss!

They studied rats who were given sweetened water or just water for a month and found the rats who consumed the sugar water while growing up had more trouble passing the memory tests, compared to the rats who drank only plain water.

And to further back up this study, Canadian researchers looked at 37 studies involving more than 400,000 people over an average of ten years and found that while there was no evidence that artificial sweeteners helped with weight loss, they may harm the metabolism.