Table Manners 101!

Here are 10 more classic table manner rules, and how many of us pay attention to them in 2024 . . .

1.  Talking with your mouth full.  81% try their best not to do it.

2.  Asking “Can you pass that?” instead of reaching across the table.  73% of us try not to reach.

3.  Wait until everyone’s food arrives before you start eating.  69% claim they’re courteous like that.

4.  Excuse yourself politely when you need to leave the table, 67%.

5.  Don’t add salt or pepper until you’ve at least tried your food.  61% usually follow that rule.  It’s considered rude to season your food before tasting it.

6.  No phones at the table.  60% claim they usually put their phone away.

7.  No elbows on the table.  58% care enough that they try not to.

8.  Put your napkin in your lap.  Only 55% of us usually do that now.

9.  Use cutlery from the outside in, like your salad fork before your dinner fork.  38% said yes.  (You’re at a place with multiple forks?  Ooh-la-la.)

10.  Arrange your dishes and silverware when you’re done, so it’s easier for the waitstaff to clean up.  69% of us do that to help out.