Taylor Swift’s Cat Olivia Benson Is Worth An Estimated $97 Million

The Richest Pets In The World

All About Cats has released a report on the world’s wealthiest animals titled ‘The Ultimate Pet Rich List.’

How annoying is this… Celebrity pets who make more money than you do!

‘The Ultimate Pet Rich List.’ With fortunes that run into millions, these beloved pets enjoy a life of luxury and financial comfort that few others can boast of. 

Some of them owe their fortune to social media, while others are successful business owners. 

Still, others have inherited their fortune from their owners. Take a look at the 10 richest pets in the world:

  • Doug the Pug, Jiffpom and Nala_Cat have all earned their own money online – a massive US$100 million in the case of the cash-rich kitty
  • Celebrity owners such as Taylor Swift, Oprah, Karl Lagerfeld and Betty White have all made sure their four-legged friends will inherit fortunes

The Richest Pets

Doug the pug- $1.5.million
Betty White’s Retriever, Pontiac-$5 million
Jiffpom is worth $25 million
Oprah’s pets are collectively worth $30 million
Olivia Benson, Taylor’s cats are worth $97 million

Olivia Facts:

  • She was named after Mariska Hargitay’s Law & Order: Special Victims Unit character.
  • She has starred alongside Taylor in commercials for DirectTVDiet Coke and AT&T.
  • She appeared in music videos such as “Me!” and “Blank Space.”
  • Olivia was also part of Taylor’s 1989 World Tour – she appeared alongside her sister Meredith in an intermission video that played during the show.