This Is What People Are Doing For Their Pets This Holiday Season!

Pet Advent Calendars are all the rage!

Eight in 10 pet owners intend to give their furry friends more than just a bone for Christmas – gifting them advent calendars, jumpers and jackets, cooking them animal-friendly festive feasts and taking them along to meals out.

A survey of 2000 cat and dog owners found that almost 25% have bought their pet more presents than their partner this year.

Top Festive Treats for Our Pets

1.            A new toy

2.            Some new treats

3.            Presents properly wrapped up so they can open them with the family

4.            A night cuddled up watching a festive film

5.            Eating Christmas dinner as a family

6.            A new bed

7.            A new collar

8.            Cooking them a special, animal-friendly, Christmas dinner

9.            An advent calendar

10.         A Christmas jumper

11.         A new winter jacket for cold walks

12.         A Christmas card

13.         Pet-friendly tipple

14.         A trip away to a pet-friendly location

15.         Bringing them to a Christmas meal out