Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Release Set for August 2! 

American Tortoise Rescue Asks Parents to Buy Toys Not Turtles

History shows that after the release of a series of these successful Ninja movies, turtles lose their lives through the pet trade. Most of the turtles have been scooped out of the wild to be sold in pet stores or over the internet. After seeing the film and thinking real turtles jump through the air or fly like ninja turtles, kids ask parents to buy live turtles.

Sadly, after bringing the turtle home, sticking it in a tank and waiting for it to perform, kids abandon interest when nothing happens – the turtle just sits there. The best thing parents can do is to purchase action figure toys that actually mimic the ninja movements kids see in the film. 

The purchase is often an impulse buy without regard to the fact that turtles can live 25 years or more. Sadly, most of these turtles were abandoned in shelters and rescues or dumped into lakes and waterways (or worse toilets) after the movie’s young fans found out that the real turtles did not fight crime or perform incredible stunts. 

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