That Microphone That Cardi B Threw Just Sold For Almost $100k

A special piece of music memorabilia

When an audience member tossed a drink at her during her Drai’s Beach Club performance last month, Cardi didn’t hesitate to return the favour. However, while Cardi didn’t have a drink to splash, she did have a mic in hand, which she promptly chucked in the crowd member’s direction.

Videos showing various angles of the incident began to circulate the internet rather quickly, showing the attendee being promptly escorted away. Shortly after, the unidentified concert-goer filed a police report claiming they were “struck by an item thrown from the stage.” However, after an investigation, it has been reported that neither Cardi nor the drink thrower will face any charges.

As for the microphone… After being placed up for auction on eBay, receiving a considerable amount of interest, with over 120 bids, the microphone sold for 99,900.

Cardi is just the latest artist who’s been hit with an object while performing over the past few months. Bizarrely, this has become a trend as of late. 

Others who have suffered at the hand of an audience member include; Bebe Rexha who was struck in the face with a phone during a June performance and had to be hospitalized, Ava Max who was slapped in the face, Kelsea Ballerini was hit in the eye by a bracelet a fan threw on stage, and then there’s also P!nk who had a concert-goer throw a bag of their mother’s ashes on stage – yes, true story.