The average office worker spends how long each day actually working?

Just 3 hours!

New Research suggests that the average person is only productive at work about 3 hours a day.  The reason, social media and all the distractions of websites.

The research says that office workers spend a lot of time procrastinating during 9 to 5 and in some cases less than 3 hours actually working…


The research was done by and here’s what they found distracts people at work:
Checking social media – 44 minutes (spent doing this during working day)
Reading news websites – 1 hour 5 minutes
Discussing out of work activities with colleagues – 40 minutes
Making hot drinks – 17 minutes
Smoking breaks – 23 minutes
Text/instant messaging – 14 minutes
Eating snacks – 8 minutes
Making food in office– 7 minutes
Making calls to partner/ friends – 18 minutes
Searching for new jobs- 26 minutes