The ‘Barbie’ Movie Is Ending Relationships Left and Right!

Is The Barbie movie actually a break up film?

Enquiries for blonde hair are up 83% and pink clothing is being bought up around the world!

But the film has also had a slightly unexpected impact on people’s love lives. It turns out that people are questioning their relationships – and even dumping partners – over their reaction to the film.

That’s right, a fun film about a doll is causing people to break up.

So how did this happen?

Well, according to an onslaught of TikTok videos, the answer lies in the lack of men willing to ‘get’ the film.  After watching it, they don’t understand the movie’s plot. 

It seems that what women want men to ‘get’, is that Barbie is anti-patriarchy – not anti-men. And though it’s a film primarily aimed at women, men shouldn’t view the film as an attack.

There’s a gendered divide here, with some women reporting their boyfriends thought the film was ‘too political’, while others suggest ‘dumping him’ is the only solution.

It’s not just TikTok – women are discussing this on Twitter and Reddit too.

A filmmaker and professor at the University of California specializing in film and feminism believes this film is exposing ‘male fragility’.

Barbie seems to have hit a broader nerve with men who feel threatened by the film’s brilliantly deft and truly funny critiques of patriarchy.

‘According to the expert, if some men can’t handle one single movie that pretty gently tweaks the structures of male privilege through the story of a bunch of literal dolls, that’s an indication of how truly and deeply toxic masculinity is driven by male fragility.’

It seems that for many young women who feel their boyfriends are failing to understand this, alarm bells are ringing.