The Best Mindless, Background Shows!

A list from Business Insider of the best mindless, background shows includes: "The Great British Baking Show", "Wife Swap", "The Office", and "Shark Tank".

Background shows are perfect for watching when you can’t devote your full attention to the series!

These simple, casual programs can be enjoyed while you’re busy with other tasks around the house.

In an era filled with tons of new series popping up every week and never enough time to watch them all, background shows are becoming increasingly popular and offer the perfect break from prestige TV. It doesn’t matter if a line of dialogue gets drowned out by a vacuum or you miss a scene while you’re busy checking TikTok because these are the kinds of shows that don’t command your full attention. 

Here Are The Best Background Shows!

‘Wife Swap’
‘The Real Housewives of Potomac’
‘Emily in Paris’
‘Ted Lasso’
‘The Great British Basking Show’
‘The Great Pottery Throw Down’
‘Love on the Spectrum’
‘The Office’
‘Shark Tank’