The Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Ever

According to Charlie

It’s ugly Christmas Sweater party time!  So many sweaters, so little time to wear them.  Although this ugly fun novelty item is reserved for the holiday season, here’s a sweater that you could wear all year!


For the wine lovers in your life.  An ETSY seller has released an ugly Christmas sweater with a stocking attached to it, so you can carry your bottle of wine.

The sweater is being sold by YourSassyGrandma, an ETSY designer who is an expert in creating ugly sweaters for Christmas!

You can choose from white, red, blue and Khaki.

According to the seller, “the wine-holding sweater is a novelty item only – and should not be chucked in the washing machine unless you want to risk having to re-sew your wine stocking.”

It will cost you about $60 Canadian….I know, because I just bought it!

Here’s the link