The Demand For Taylor Swift Tickets Crashes The Internet!

And this is just pre-sale!

It’s Taylor’s first tour in five years and fans are ready to see her live.  

Fans swarmed Ticketmaster on Tuesday causing periodic outages and long online waits; many left disappointed.

Ticketmaster released a statement on Twitter alerting fans that they were experiencing “intermittent issues” that the company was “urgently” working to resolve.

Ticketmaster also Tweeted that the demand for Swift’s “The Eras Tour,” was unprecedented.

Fans reported waiting in online queues for up to eight hours, and many found they were too late to purchase tickets, which cost between US$49 and $449 each.

Many in queues were bumped due to the glitches leaving millions frustrated!

A Ticketmaster spokesperson said the number of people who registered for the early sale was more than twice the number of tickets available, and that millions of others also jumped online to buy.

Even political figures jumped in to stay something.

The ticketing industry has frustrated people for years with hidden fees, limited ticket availability because of pre-sales, and other irritations.

Pre-sale continues for certain shows.  Good Luck