The Duffer Brothers Are Developing A New Show About Misfits In a Retirement Community!


The people behind “Stranger Things”, the Duffer Brothers, are developing a new show about misfits in a retirement community who have to band together to fight some sort of otherworldly menace. So, like, “Stranger Things” with OLD people???

The show is called The ‘Boroughs’ The series takes place in a retirement community in the New Mexico desert, presumably called the Boroughs. The idyllic life of a group of retirees is disrupted by some otherworldly threat that is set to steal the one thing they’re running out of, time!

Just what the heck that means isn’t clear, but this bunch of grumpy old people will be just as enjoyable to watch as the Party from Stranger Things.

The series, which has only recently been greenlit by Netflix, will be eight episodes long and does not yet have a release date.

There is also a recently announced animated Strangers Things Spin-off. Hopefully, The Boroughs will be just as good as Stranger Things on Netflix.