The Emotional Stages of going back to work after Christmas!

Denial It’s early in the morning, and you’re wrapped up all nice and snug in […]


It’s early in the morning, and you’re wrapped up all nice and snug in a duvet cocoon.  Than your alarm goes off, blaring at you, reminding you that you’re a peasant and must leave your warm nest and get ready for work. You try to cope by denying it’s time to get up, but sadly you give up after the third time you hit the pesky snooze button.


Between going to the bathroom and putting on clean underwear you get yourself into a mighty angry fluster. In fact, nothing can lift your spirits apart from your boss calling you and telling you that you deserve another day off. Sadly the phone never rings.

Wishful thinking

While you’re waiting for some disaster to occur to prevent you from attending work you start to daydream of all the ways you can get out of work and back to watching festive movies in bed again. All you can think of is winning the lottery. *Makes mental note to get a ticket*


If only you had listened to your childhood self and done something cool with your life like joined the circus. Plus you know that the Christmas bills are on their way….And you know you spent way too much on that cousin that only gave you a box of chocolates!
Slight excitement

Even though you have to work, you know that the kids will be heading back to school shortly! And they will finally get to bed before you once again!

You catch sight of your face and body in the mirror and take a moment – or ten – to mentally process how much weight you’ve managed to gain.


When you come back to work only to learn that everyone else had an epic Christmas while you’re was just OK!


After your fifth emergency cup of coffee. you’ve decided that this is your life. You must accept the fact that every day cannot be spent at home, watching TV, eating and drinking wine.