The First Public Smart Bathroom Is Now Open At LAX Airport!

Green for Go ahead, Red for Going!

We’ve all done it, nature calls, so you wander into the public washroom hoping that it’s not heavily occupied.

You enter looking for the stall farthest away from any other human by checking for feet, or you push open the doors to check if the stall is suitable for you-and risk a mortifying encounter if the stall is in uses and the door isn’t locked.

Los Angeles International Airport may have just solved our public bathroom troubles with the new Smart bathroom!

The new system is called “Tooshlights” with each stall in the bathroom having two lights above the stalls indicating to users which stalls are in uses. Green for go and red for someone is going…

The new connected smart locks also record data about their use.

For example, LAX officials can use the system to track how often each stall is used at what time and evaluate how well their restrooms are meeting demands.  This can help them optimize restroom layout, size, and cleaning schedules, which could lead you to a quicker, cleaner pee down the line. In emergency-evacuation situations, the data will also inform officials how many people are still in the bathroom, and where they are.