The Golden Globes Adds Two New Categories

The Academy Awards almost did something similar back in 2018

The Golden Globes has added two new categories for the 2024 awards ceremony: Best Blockbuster and Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy.  

Eight films will be eligible for the Best Blockbuster award regardless of whether they premiered in theatres or on streaming platforms. Movies are eligible for a nomination in the blockbuster category if they grossed at least $150 million during release.  

For this year’s ceremony, we’re sure that’ll include films like Barbie, currently the highest-grossing movie of 2023; The Super Mario Bros. Movie; Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3; and Oppenheimer.

 For Best Performance in Stand-Up Comedy, which recognizes the work of comics in the traditional stand-up format, the awards team will consider comedy specials that have aired on cable (broadcast, basic, premium, or pay-per-view) or streaming. 

Only six comedians will be nominated in this category. Stand-up comedy programs must be released on a recognized media platform, and individual social media accounts will not be considered. (Apologies in advance to every comedy content creator on TikTok.). 

The Golden Globes will air Jan. 7, 2024.