It's worth trying!

Viral “hacks” come in two categories:  The “why didn’t I think about that” ones, and the “why would anyone do that” bucket.  This one is leaning on the LATTER side, maybe?

There’s a beauty trend going viral on TikTok known as “broccoli freckles.”  It’s simple:  You take a broccoli floret out of the fridge, dab the floret end into some makeup, and then you “stamp” it onto your face.

Some are calling it “the ultimate faux-freckle hack,” because it leaves tiny dots that resemble freckles.


What to do with the leftover broccoli on your plate #makeup #beauty #fy

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One influencer named Zak Heath says he’s made it a staple in his routine.  He says, “I tried using a ‘freckle pen’, it works well, [but] broccoli, because of its shape [is] a fun, easy alternative.”

It might be fun and easy, but it isn’t cheap.  Most freckle pens seem to cost under $10.  These days, keeping a steady supply of fresh broccoli in your fridge will add up fast.