The Latest Toy Craze…The Fidget Spinner!

Over Rated or totally necessary?

FIRST we had marbles, then yo-yos, then Rubik’s cubes, Tamagotchis, loom bands and now fidget spinners are the latest kids’ craze.  They fit in the palm of your hand, are made from plastic or metal, and have three holes that go around very fast.

They’re supposed to be mildly educational and provide a “sensory experience”

Funnily enough, they’re supposed to be stress-relieving, but how much stress does a young boy have in his life? And how can something so silly be stress-relieving?

It’s also claimed that the spinners help kids focus and improve their attention.


But are they more distracting than useful? Some schools are banning these little toys due to fights over them- Its like Pokemon cards all over again!