The Most Anticipated Movies of 2022!

According to a new poll, fans can’t wait to see Disney/Marvel’s Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

But this isn’t the only superhero movie fans are looking forward to in 2022! It’s also safe to say that the people of Ontario would also like to enjoy snacks again while watching a movie!



The most anticipated movies of 2022 are…Spider-Man, Batman, Catwoman and Doctor Strange, to memorable franchises like Black Panther, Top Gun, Mission: Impossible and Jurassic World, the new year is packed with thrills, chills and adventure around every corner.



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Online ticket seller Fandango, asked ticket-buyers about their recent experiences at the movie theatre and their anticipated moviegoing habits in the new year, with the following results:

–94% want to go to the theatre more often in 2022 than they did in 2021

–89% were gratified to see new movie releases on the big screen this year.

–88% are excited by the 2022 line-up of theatrical releases.

–86% picked Action/Adventure as one of their favourite genres.

–80% hope to see five or more movies on the big screen in 2022.

–70% plan to see movies in premium large-screen formats whenever possible.


All survey respondents saw at least one movie in a theatre during the last year and were polled during the first three weeks of December.