The Most Satisfying Food Sound!

Now, I'm hungry!

The most satisfying food sounds include snapping a chocolate bar, the sizzle of bacon in a pan and the rustling of a crisp packet. Hungry yet?

A study of 2000 people revealed that food sounds are very satisfying, like slicing a crusty bread loaf or the hiss of vegetables falling into a hot wok or pan.

People in the survey also revealed the first bite into a crisp apple was a sound favourite and popping popcorn too.

Almost half of the people admit that hearing food sounds instantly makes them hungry!


  1. The sizzle of bacon in a pan (33%)
  2. Slicing into a crusty loaf of bread (26%)
  3. Steak sizzling in the pan (25%)
  4. Butter being spread on toast (17%)
  5. The snapping of a chocolate bar (16%)
  6. Chips frying (16%)
  7. The first bite into a crisp apple (16%)
  8. Popping popcorn (13%)
  9. Rustling of a snack or crisp packet (10%)
  10. Stir-frying vegetables (9%)