The Queen Gets Her Own Barbie Doll To Celebrate The Platinum Jubilee!

It's about time!

In honour of the queen’s 96th Birthday, Mattel has unveiled a special Queen Elizabeth II Barbie, available today.  This will be a collector’s item for sure!


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In celebration of the Platinum Jubilee, the doll version of The Queen isn’t wearing one of her usual brightly coloured twinsets, but instead, a formal ivory gown, a tiara (modelled on the one the Queen wore on her wedding day), and a blue ribbon adorned with decorations of order.


The pink ribbon on the doll’s sash gives a nod to the one given to the Queen by her father George VI, and the pale blue one refers to the ribbon handed down from her grandfather George V.


Spot the little silver brooch pinned underneath? That represents the Garter Star, the insignia of the highest order of chivalry in the UK.

The Queen doll forms part of Barbie’s Tribute Collection, which launched in 2021 to celebrate ‘visionary individuals with an outstanding impact and legacy within society’.



The doll is available at but is temporarily sold out!