The Reason Behind The Name Snickers Chocolate Bar…

Named after a beloved horse!

The average person probably has no clue how the renowned Snickers candy bar got its name and where it came from.

The Snickers moniker traces back to a horse belonging to the founders of the company Ethel and Frank Mars…

The couple invested in some land and bought a 3,000-acre horse breeding farm after notching their successful Mar-o-Bar company that created the famed Milky Way Bar.

At the time, the couple had been planning to create a new candy bar and put it in production as a nameless bar — that is, until one of their favourite horses named Snickers died.

To honour the horse, Ethel and Frank named the “no-named” chocolate bar Snickers!

Snickers first rolled off the assembly line in 1930 and sold in Chicago stores for just five cents.

The candy bar coated in milk chocolate topped with caramel and peanuts started gaining traction from buyers nationwide — and the Mar’s couple decided to go worldwide.

Despite the candy bar’s success, executives in the UK were worried the Snickers name resembled the name “Knickers” and could cause some controversy.

The term is generally used in the UK to describe a person’s underwear.

Ethel and Frank eventually got rid of the Snickers moniker — for bars only sold in the UK — and replaced it with “Marathon Bar.”

Soon after, the couple decided to revert to the Snickers name and go universal for their own product in the UK.