The Simple Hack to Make Avocados Last Longer

This is a handy trick!

Posting to the Delish Recipes Family Facebook page, a woman shared a photo of an aluminum foil-lined tray with mounds of avocado on it.

She explained, “I’ve started freezing avocado! I mash them up and I use a small cookie scoop then freeze!”

Yep, that’s right. You can freeze avocado, ready to be transformed into guacamole, smoothies or a spread at a moment’s notice.

She continued, “They don’t turn brown AT ALL and when they firm up in a few hours I throw them in a big ziplock bag. I don’t add anything to them.

“No more nasty brown colour or throwing expired ones away. I freeze about two bags at a time. They thaw beautifully too. Try it!”


“When freezing avocado, make sure the avos are just ripe, if you wait till they are very soft (ready-to-eat) the flesh will become too mushy when defrosting,” she explained. 

In terms of freezing time, she said you can store frozen avo flesh for up to one month in an airtight container. 


Once thawed, you really need to use them straight away. It’s not something you can then put in the fridge for use later/the next day…