The Struggles Of Planning Your Kid’s Birthday Party!

Birthing your child was the easy part.

When your kids get a little older and their expectations of epic birthday parties become your nightmare.

And let’s be real; this is all your fault. Parents try to one-up themselves every year, and it gets harder every year attempting to throw your kid the party of the year!


The struggles that parents have when organizing a child’s birthday party.


What’ haven’t we done yet, again trying to make this party better than past years is stressful.


Who should you invite? Every year, the kids want more friends than the last. You need to invite those who already invited your kid- how do you keep the list short?


Coordinating your party with other moms.  So many kids and they all seem to have been born at the same time. You don’t want to throw a party and then run your kid to another party later that day.


Trying to book a venue, but wait- they are all booked out and god forbid, you host in your house. Think of the mess!


People don’t RSVP! So annoying. You send the invites well in advance, but yet you scramble at the last minute to get the loot bags because no one tells you if they’re coming until the last minute.


What food to have? Nowadays, so many allergies, so many picky eaters! Screw it- Pizza it is.


And speaking of food, don’t forget to order enough food in case those overprotective parents stay for the party.


Loot bags! What to put in them? One thing is for sure; no favours that make noise.


How long should the party be? You want it long enough that those parents who drop off can get some things done- but at the same time, you don’t want to lose your mind.


Don’t forget the wine!