The Ta-Ta Towel is here to save you from the horror of underboob sweat

The Struggle is real

As as you get older- you find yourself sweating in places, you never thought possible…

Anyone with a hint of underboob cleavage will know the drill.  You hop out of the shower feeling fresh. You wrap yourself in a towel, pop down on the bed, and start blow-drying your hair.

You’ve already dried off, so why does the bit under your breasts feel damp? Ah. It’s sweat.

Buckets of sweat collecting under the boob area. Great.

Introducing….The Ta-Ta Towel.

The Ta-Ta Towel is, essentially, an absorbant towel for your tits. Your boobs. Your breasts.
You sling it around and underneath your breasts, and get the feeling of freedom that comes with being bra-free, but without a trickle of sweat down your stomach as you’re getting ready for a night out.
The Ta-Ta Towel, are currently available in four colours and cost $45 each. Oh, and they come in three sizes, accommodating breasts up to an H cup.