The Top First Date Deal Breakers!

What's your deal-breaker?

A new survey asked people about what would spook them on a first date! Here are the top responses!

  • Too much too soon: 53% of respondents reported that they were scared off by a first date asking them if they were ready to commit to a new relationship. 
  • Rudeness red flag: While on a first date, one of the most important things people notice is how their date interacts with others. 47% of respondents reported that they did not ask for a second date after they noticed their match was rude to someone they encountered during the first date, like a waiter and/or bartender. 
  • Put down the phone: 76% of those surveyed said they would not pursue a relationship with someone who was checking their phone throughout the first date.
  • Can’t get a word in 34% of respondents claimed that they had a first date ruined due to not being able to contribute to the conversation because their date talked about themselves so much. 
  • Leave the past behind: On top of that, 41% of those surveyed shared that their date was tainted by their match talking too much about ex-partners. 
  • Late arrivals: Always arrive on time to your date to set things off to a good start. About 60% of singles said that they would not go on another date with someone who showed up late to their first meetup. 
  • Focus on your date: 28% of respondents have caught their dates checking out other people in the room, which is a clear dealbreaker. Similarly, 88% of singles think a first date is too soon to talk about their ex, noting this typically signals they haven’t moved on.