The Weird Drive-Thru Habits We All Do!

Always check the bag!

What happens in the drive-thru lane is an intimate moment between the driver, the fast-food employee, and any passengers that might be in the car.


Almost like a dance, there’s a give and take between the placing and fulfilling of any order, with an established rhythm that keeps everything moving along smoothly.


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The things we do at the drive-thru

We practice reciting our order, either out loud or quietly in our head. It’s almost like we need to get it perfect and nail some sort of audition.



We Check the bag!

Anyone who doesn’t check the bag before driving away must have the most immense faith in the universe that everything will work out for the best. The rest of us, on the other hand, is more realistic. In a drive-thru line of 10 cars, each with multiple passengers, at least one order is bound to be a little off.



Eating the fries Right away!

You probably don’t even notice yourself doing it anymore, but before pulling out of the drive-thru lane your hand almost certainly reaches in the bag and pulls out a few fries.