The White House Correspondents’ Dinner Will Return To Its Roots!

So many jokes, so little time!

Kenan Thompson of “SNL” and Hasan Minhaj of “Patriot Act” are booked to perform on April 25th at the White House Correspondents dinner!

Kenan will serve as M.C. during this year’s event.  The annual media event has become an issue for President Trump who hasn’t attended since taking office.

This year’s event marks a return to comedy after last year’s dinner where a historian was brought in.  They went in a different direction last year after comedian Michelle Wolf roasted President Trump in 2018 which seemed to divide the audience and really irritate the President.

Trump was mocked back in 2011 when he was just a citizen by President Barack Obama and Seth Meyers and chose to boycott it in 2017, the first president to skip since Ronald Reagan after his 1981 assassination attempt. (Mr. Reagan dialed in from his hospital bed.)