The Wiggles Has A Hot New Cast Member and Moms Can’t Handle It!

New cast member gives “Hot Potato” a whole new meaning!

Even if your kids are older and past “The Wiggles” stage, now might be a good time to start watching again!

John Pearce, known as “Big Strong John,” the purple skivvy-wearing, fitness-loving new addition to the Wiggles, has a lot of moms expressing some big and strong feelings of their own.

Pearce joined The Wiggles in 2021 and he’s been getting a lot of attention since the 2022 ‘Fruit Salad TV’ Big Show’ arena tour in Australia. Moms with kids of all ages (and, um, even those without kids) have since become new Wiggles fans.

Also thanks to TikTok, moms can see “Big Strong John” Wiggle around on their social media feed.

@johnadamopearce Another day another slay #dothemonkey #thewiggles #transition #2023 @The Wiggles ♬ The Monkey Dance – The Wiggles

I don’t remember fruit salad being this yummy growing up…

@johnadamopearce Excuse me brah! Everyday John vs John Wiggle 😂 #fyp #excusemebruh #zoolander #thewiggles #2023bride ♬ Excuse me BRUHH – Castro🇭🇹