The Window Cleaning World Cup is for Real

It has to be fast and smudge-less

You may have never believed it, but there is a competition to find the fastest window cleaner in the world.

The next event is March 18-20 in London, England, appropriately held at The Cleaning Show.


  • Competitors were given 9 litres of water
  • A 300mm squeegee
  •  Time penalties are awarded to those who left smears


  • Perfectly clean 3 office style windows
  • In the fastest time possible

The Winners:

  • 1st Place – Jeremiah Hickey, USA, 17.02 seconds
  • 2nd Place – Jimmy Strom, Sweden, 17.70 seconds
  • 3rd Place, Darren Ansbro, England, 18.40 seconds